Risk Management Policies
to Make Your Visit Pleasant

The Galey family and staff welcome all visitors to their Market, Corn Maze and Railway. We wish to make your time with us fun and educational.

Ours is one of a handful of farms left in the Saanich area, and more unique because of our Agri-tourism attractions. Whether you are a school, a community group, an individual or a family on a day outing, we offer you healthy, outdoor fun that challenges your learning potential and imagination.

We are a working farm with a variety of moving attractions, playground apparatus, animals, insects, and more. To ensure everyone’s comfort and safety we expect all our visitors to use common sense and to obey the following instructions, rules, and guidelines at all times.

  1. All visitors must comply with Galey staff instructions and requests as well as signage. Failure to do so may lead to injury, removal from an activity and ejection from the premises.

  1. All visitors, especially pre-school children and school aged children, must be familiar with the use of STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, and GO safety practice.
  2. Only infants that are not yet walking and must be carried by a parent or guardian are free. Parents and helpers are welcome on these days and will pay the activity rate set for their group.
  3. Assistants, on duty caring for "Low Incident" individuals, with and presenting a Leisure Card, are free. 
  4. In the event of a medical emergency, Galey Farm staff only provides some basic first aid and 911 call in. Insect bites and allergies may pose problems requiring specialized treatment (e.g. Epi-Pen). Visitors with general hypersensitive and/or anaphylactic reactions must bring their own personal first aid kits, medical history information and should identify themselves to Galey staff upon arrival.
  5. All our attractions and operating hours are weather sensitive. Galey Farm reserves the right to open and close its attraction as deemed necessary. It is the responsibility of the leaders of a pre-booked group(s) to call the Farm at 250-477-5713 to confirm our operating hours when weather conditions are suspect. Galey Farms does not accept liability for events cancelled due to weather conditions. Visitors are responsible for dressing to prevailing weather conditions. Sensible shoes for walking on gravel, hog fuel and dirt are a must. Nighttime visitors riding the train may bring a small blanket for extra comfort.
  6. Most pathways and attractions are wheelchair and stroller friendly under ideal weather conditions. Children and adults in wheelchairs can ride the train and hay wagon with the help of their personal caregiver. Wheelchairs and strollers must be left behind when riding the train and hay wagon in semi-secure areas.
  7. No dogs are allowed on the farm.
  8. Picnic tables, large tent and barbeques are available to groups and individuals. Those wishing to bring snacks or prepare food at the farm are welcome. Galey Farm expects these groups and individuals to be solely responsible for meeting Food Safe requirements and for their clean up.
  9. Attraction facilities, Corn Maze, Train, Western Town, children’s playground, Petting Farm, Lookout Bridge, washrooms, parking lots and premises’ roadways are under minimal to no supervision.
  10. Children must be under Parent/Supervisor/Leader adult care at all times. Adults who are Parents/Supervisors/Leaders must in addition to what is generally expected must specifically ensure children in their care understand and apply the rules stated and/or posted for the activity they are involved with while on Galey premises. In situations where there is non-compliance toward any safety rules or a behavior is hazardous to self and/or others Parent/Supervisor/Leader adults must act with appropriate measures to restore the necessary and applicable correct behaviors.
  11. Galey Farm recommends: 8 years and under, 1 adult per 5 children; 9-12 years, 1 adult per 10 children; 13 years and over, 1 adult per 15 children. For night visitors in October, to our Festival of Fear, parents are advised most attractions are rated PG13.
  12. Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and fireworks are not permitted on Galey Farm premises. All visitors are advised that Galey Farm staff and/or security personnel, particularly during nighttime operation, reserve the right to conduct bag checks and “pat down” at their discretion. Alcohol and illegal drugs will be confiscated, Police assistance requested, remaining tickets forfeited without reimbursements, and ejection of individual(s). Individuals wishing to smoke cigarettes may do so only in their parked vehicle.
  13. All visitors are expected to report incidents of danger to self and/or public safety, injury, property damage and equipment malfunctions to Galey Staff before leaving the premises. The best time to resolve personal and safety issues is when all concerned are present.
  14. During a "Shutdown and Evacuation Procedure", all visitors are expected to follow the instructions and directions given by Galey Staff and Security Personnel. Your responsibility for assisting in the maintenance of order and efficient movement is paramount to personal and group safety.